Monday, June 4, 2012

May, I Never

The title is a pun to describe the roller coaster that was the month of May.  May I never again:

1. Fail to respond to a situation that makes me uncomfortable.
2. Walk around in high heeled shoes on the concrete floors of St. Mark's Episcopal Church.
3. Believe the Baby Niece when she insists that she does not have to use the potty.
4. Expect that members of my family will actually read the very detailed emails I send.
5. Assume that I cannot be replaced.
6. Sell myself short with respect to talent.
7. Doubt that God can do anything!
8. Forget that everything happens for a reason.
9. Allow others to define me.
10. Say never again.


  1. I am taking number one and repeating it 10 times daily. This always happens to me. Because I HATE confrontation, I often do not speak up when I should.

  2. I try to avoid confrontation too...but had I listened to my Spidey senses, I might have saved myself some unnecessary heartache.