Maybe the better question is "Who is the Busy Black Woman"? 

I am someone who is heavily involved in a lot of stuff--work, organizations, community work, family, and a side hustle.  The "job" is still a work in progress, although I do have my own firm and work occasionally as an adjunct professor.  My organizations are my college alumnae association, my sorority and my dance company (if I was really trying to show off, I might say that I was heavily involved in church, but that was another lifetime ago).  In the community I work as a pro bono provider, board member, and occasional political activist.  I am married with extended family in DC and New York City, so that keeps things interesting.  And my side hustle is my attempt to create my own path in life, one that is not determined by how much money I owe to some chick named Sallie or a dude named Fargo.

The title of this blog came from the mind of the husband, who once described my activities as "Busy Black Woman" stuff to friends in response to their inquiry about why I had spent the weekend camping with a group of elementary school girls last Spring.  Or maybe they were asking for what cause was I soliciting their money...

Anywho, this blog is an expression of my constant busy-ness.  The title might suggest heavier political content, but that is purely coincidental.  Anything along those lines gets expressed in the Cafe (the sister blog).  This is about finding the humor in the midst of my self-imposed chaos. 

If you have stumbled across this blog, then you too might be a Busy Black Woman (BBW) or know someone who is.  Something I say here might strike a familiar chord or make you feel better that your life might not be as messed up as mine.