Monday, April 25, 2016

Motherhood Year One: The Birthday Party

It always rains in April.

Even when the weather reports say otherwise. And then it does not rain on the day it was supposed to rain, which ruins your timeline of tasks that need to be completed by the day that it was not supposed to rain. So you shrug and accept the updated weather predictions that the rains will come overnight, and you go to bed hopeful that you can execute your plans the following morning. But the next morning it has not rained and the weather reports have been revised again...the sky is overcast and now the weather readers are saying that the rain is expected to start soon and clear by mid-morning. Except the rain waits until mid morning to start. And not as a sprinkle or even a quick passing shower, but in a steady not-letting-up-anytime-soon kinda way. And then you react because all of your grand plans and ideas have to be rethought to accommodate the rain. (And for the record, it is not a good idea to suggest that I cancel or just get over it.)

Because you had a vision and a dream and then grand plans to make all of  it happen. Your firstborn child--la Princesa, the Diva, the Conqueror, your Mini-me will only have her first birthday party once. And you, her Busy Black Mother, who was born to plan parties (especially parties with a storybook theme), have been planning this fete since you and the Babe finished reading Alice in Wonderland back in January. And that vision included having a Mad Hatter's tea party outside in a yard that would have been decorated to look like Wonderland with activities that were carefully planned to take place in an outdoor Wonderland!

Yes, weather is always an uncertainty. Although this Busy Black Mother was diligent in checking the weather forecasts (which initially did not call for rain), there was an indoor contingency plan...but the execution of that plan was hampered by all the stuff that clutters the parents' house (and all the chaos that goes on there). And then there is Newton-Murphy's Law to the Third Power, which I have not written about in a while, but if you understand the general concept of being a Type-A, chronically over-scheduled Busy Black Mama, then of course EVERYTHING THAT COULD GO WRONG ABSOLUTELY DID!

But, my squad came in and they worked it out. And the Hub only irked me a little. And the Conqueror had a great time, along with the other kiddies.

And yes, the sun finally came out.

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