Monday, February 26, 2018

Busy Black Woman's Day Off

In case you had not been following along on the Facebook page, I took an impromptu solo trip to New York City this weekend. And it was fabulous! It was exactly what I first Momcation!

I wish I could offer advice on what to do, but I literally just went with my gut after a friend texted to offer me the other bed in her hotel room. Everything happened in a matter of minutes: I had texted her and another friend to invite them to see a play with me in DC on Sunday, they both declined, then she texted me back to ask if I was game to join her in NYC. I told her that I needed to sleep on her offer...but honestly, I went to bed with a plan already in mind.

I needed this break. I needed to escape from the Toddler, who has been extra clingy. I needed to get away from the Hub, who hasn't been very attentive. I needed some space from my Dad, who has been my Dad (and who needs to get away himself, so that is my next grand scheme). I needed a reprieve from everything that has been stressing me, wearing me down, tiring me out, and generally stretching me towards the breaking point.

So I woke up and said yes, I just need to buy tickets.

I should have packed my rolling suitcase. I should have brought a warmer scarf. I didn't need that empty water bottle that I never used. I'm glad that I remembered to grab an umbrella. I think I need to rethink all of these toiletries. And maybe get a new toiletry bag. So glad that I changed my mind about taking a dress. I've seen every episode of Law and Order. I think every coffee shop burns their coffee like Starbucks.

I read A Wrinkle in Time on the bus ride and now I can't wait to see the movie. I went to see Black Panther and have developed a serious girl crush on Danai Gurira. I generally end up walking at least two blocks in the wrong direction whenever I am in New York. I'm glad my friend and I got to hang out for at least an hour. I don't know how I spent $30 on every meal...

I saw the actor who portrayed Chief O'Brien from Star Trek: TNG in Times Square. No one really dresses for the theater, which is a shame. If you can afford to get the better seats, it is always worth doing so. I am so glad that I decided to see Once on This Island. That clerk at the Walgreens who suggested that I might need a lint roller was right. I haven't been downstairs to the food court at Union Station in twenty years. Chik-fil-A is pretty much everywhere.

And of course I came home Saturday to a living room cluttered with every toy the Toddler owns. Of course the Hub hadn't combed her hair in two days. Of course I still need to do at least three loads of laundry. Of course I need to remind my Dad that we have tickets to visit the Blacksonian this week. Of course I have a lot of writing that I need to get done.

This weekend was my grown up version of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, without the creepy principal or the gang of co-conspirators. It was just me doing what I wanted and living for the moment. It was me confronting my anxieties about watching life from the sidelines. It was a reminder that the fearless me who moved to New Orleans sight unseen; who was determined to go to the '96 Olympics and did; and who got by in Brussels with a smile and vague memories of high school French, is still here. That determined younger woman has more responsibilities now, but her ultimate responsibility must be to take care of herself so that she can live to be an even more determined older woman.

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