Monday, December 20, 2010

Bah Humbug!

(Been waiting to say that officially for days :)

It is not that I really hate Christmas.  But I do not enjoy it because it is literally the worse time of year for busy black women.  The average BBW is busy with church pageants, school plays, recitals, choir concerts, menu planning, gift buying and wrapping, house cleaning, Christmas card addressing, cookie baking, grocery shopping, party planning, and picking out the right outfit for the big family dinner/office party/church social/etc. so that it hides the extra weight gained from all those meals from the mall food court.

No, I really do not hate Christmas, but let's just say that it would be a lot better if there were more of those old Rankin-Bass stop-animation cartoons on when I am up way past midnight performing any of the aforementioned holiday tasks.  Those sappy, crappy Hallmark/Lifetime made for TV movies are just horrible.  And those very special Christmas episodes on old sitcoms are the worst.

In the past few years I gave up on putting up my tree and decorating the outside of my house.  It just seemed to be a waste to go through all of that when I typically leave town for a few days during the holiday.  Upon my return, I would leave the tree up for a few extra days to make up for the days I missed, then there was the year that those extra days turned into February... 

And no, I do not have any strategies for coping with holiday stress except to say just ride it out.  Go ahead and eat an extra cookie, enjoy another chocolate truffle and get another half glass of wine.  I say ignore any advice that suggests you will regret a few minor indulgences, because denying yourself small pleasures is just asking for a major holiday meltdown of some sort.  And the people who offer all that self-righteous advice on restraint are a$$es anyway.  They know nothing about being a BBW.

Because let's be honest, no one feels better after eating raw veggies.  Especially not raw brocolli.

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