Saturday, December 18, 2010


My intention in starting this blog is to examine (in a humorous way) like-minded women who find themselves chronically over-scheduled. These activities could range from family obligations to work-related projects to the broad “extra-curricular” category. My hope is that other women will discover this blog, and in turn, see a bit of themselves in the absurdity of my life.

The term “Busy Black Woman” was coined by my husband, who first used it as a joke in describing to some friends why I could not join some particular social outing. Paraphrasing his words, “I have no idea which organization this is for or what exactly it is that she is doing, but it is some ‘Busy Black Woman’ stuff." And from that point on, whenever I had a meeting, event or activity that was tied to either my job, sorority, alumnae association, or anything else, it was referred to as Busy Black Woman stuff, or more commonly by the acronym, BBW.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago when I was hit with a brainstorm…Why not start a blog that attempts to explain my life as a BBW? Why not write it with an eye towards humor since many of the situations I find myself involved in are quite funny? And knowing that I am hardly the only BBW out there, my blog might provide a space for other like-minded women to commiserate and share.

But like many of brainstorms, this one came in the middle of what is the busiest time of year for BBWs—Christmas. Who in their right mind would think to start something like this with so many other competing obligations--gifts to buy, a house to clean, parties to attend, meetings and events to plan, and then the pressures of dealing with family on top of everything!  What the hell am I thinking?

That a BBW just does because that is what is expected of her.  Of course I have too much to do and less time to think about how it will all get done.  And yes, it is insane, but what else is new?  Just when others think there is no possible way to take on another task, a BBW does and keeps all things moving…

I have BIG ideas and dreams for this blog, but for now, I am just writing about my life.  I welcome your comments and feedback and I need followers at Twitter and fans on Facebook!  Things are still under construction here at the moment as I have plans for a logo and a few other bells and whistles, but for now, this is it.

OK, that is all for the moment...welcome to my wild ride!

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