Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Post-Christmas Gift Guide

Yeah, well I was kinda busy and did not get to post this before Christmas...

Anyhoo, this is not a traditional gift-giving guide, this is a gift-receiving guide.  I know that flies in the spirit of the holidays, but for every BBW I know who spends the majority of her time between December 21 and 31 making sure that everyone else enjoys themselves, the least they can do is put a little thought into what you need.  And while my intention was to post this a few days ago, I actually think it is more timely now since you have already received a bunch of gifts that you: (a) had to specifically ask for; (b) bought yourself during your Christmas shopping; or (c) plan to re-gift. 

Lord knows, the people who live with a BBW need some creative gift ideas as we tend to have just about everything and more.  So here is my list of recommendations; note that there are no specific product endorsements although that can change for next year if folks are willing to give me a few freebies:

1. Spa day - So while receiving a much-needed massage two weeks ago, I thought about how much saner I would be if I could get a little pampering more often.  Sure I could ask the husband to give me a back rub every now and then, but it would not be the same...I am so uptight that I need the services of a professional.  To his credit, the husband knew this when he purchased the spa gift certificate for me (cannot remember why or for what occasion), so in addition to giving the BBW a spa day, you might want to go ahead and schedule it for her as well so that it does not expire.

2. Car detailing - Seriously, because my car serves multiple functions as a mobile dining room, office, clothes closet, and storage unit.  I never have time to wash it, let alone vacuum the inside, and since car cleaning is not how the husband likes to spend his spare time, getting someone else to do it for me would be oh so wonderful.  It would be nice to drive around in a car that did not look like a wreck.

3. Maid Service - No, the BBW will not take offense because she knows how long it has been since her house was really clean.  It was the last time she took the time to clean it herself (and probably the last time you were invited over) but since there is virtually no chance that she'll have another opportunity in the near future, someone else has to take the initiative and make an executive decision on her behalf.  Even if she does get a little upset, she will get over it once she is able to use her dining room table again.

4. Buy the ticket - Yes, buy a ticket to whatever scholarship brunch, luncheon, dinner, tea, gala, auction, etc. that your BBW has been planning for the past few months--you know, the event that keeps her in perpetual meetings so that you can never seem to get together at the spur of the moment.  Buy it because it will be a nice tax write-off, but also because it will make her life a little easier knowing that yours is one less ticket she will have to scramble to sell at the last minute.  No, you do not have to go to the function too (although that would be nice).

5. Girls' Night Out/In - Because every BBW needs to unwind and chill with the girls without worrying about children, significant others, and other BBW drama.  The least busy person in the BBW group (and there is always one) should take responsibility for planning, which can be accomplished by checking in with the busiest member to rule out any potential date conflicts.  Then just circulate the date for approval by all, choose a central meeting location, decide what everyone will wear, and girls' night is on!  If going out, avoid places that involve standing in line for admission.  If staying in, pull out some boardgames and make it a sleepover.  Whatever you decide, make it count since it may be months before you can all get together again.


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