Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting it In (Mostly)

This weekend conference confirmed one undeniable truth--BBWism is exhausting! I thought that I was going to be a beast by attending this conference all day every day; and attend a couple of parties in the evenings when we were free; and rise early on Sunday morning for the ecumenical service; and accompany a friend to the airport; and zigzag across town with my mother; and push through the remaining two days despite the fact that there was little, if any time built in for eating...

Apparently, my body had other ideas.  On Sunday, I hit the snooze button and barely made it back to the hotel for the afternoon sessions.  The next evening, I literally started babbling in the middle of a conversation before the husband came to rescue me.  I actually do not remember anything significant about the Superbowl.  And I missed my chance to be immortalized on film for the iconic photo on the steps of the Capitol by about 20 minutes.  Oh well.

If this had been any other weekend, I might have been frustrated by my slowness and sleepiness, but this was no ordinary weekend.  It was both great and ridiculous to have all of that stuff packed into four days.  As soon as I got home yesterday I crashed.  I woke up, participated on a conference call, ate dinner, and then crashed again.

How do our more seasoned BBW icons get it all done?  Is there some special energy tonic I could drink or magic beans I should eat that would help me to keep it moving without falling apart near the end? 

In all likelihood, there is no such thing as getting it all in, so I am going to settle for 85 percent.  I attended the conference.  I skipped yoga today but will be in ballet class tomorrow.  I am preparing for Saturday's round robin of meetings and rehearsals.  I am getting it together to teach this class coming up at the end of the month.  A 36-hour trip to NYC is no longer as taxing as it once was.  I am getting more fiber in my diet. 

Perhaps the key is practice...and a personal staff that includes a driver, an assistant, a stylist, or I could settle for a Star Trek transporter.  Whichever comes first.

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