Thursday, February 24, 2011

Better Days

So this day has been one of those days when I would have been better off staying in bed.  I did not get half of what I intended to accomplish done because my computer decided to crash several times...thanks to the ever craptastic VISTA operating system (which like all Microsoft products, has an internal self-destruct mechanism timed to detonate whenever I have a lot of stuff to do).

Truth be told, my computer blues are just the outward symptom of other underlying issues--I would rather not be doing the things that I am supposed to be doing.  In fact, it was just as I was attempting to view a YouTube video (instead of working on my syllabus for Saturday) that the crashes began.  Ironically, the video was "Better Days" by Dianne Reeves and I was trying to watch it for comfort (a lot of crap piled on my plate right now).  And then I got the brilliant idea to post it to the BBW blog.  Well, after spending the last couple of hours and a few $$ trying to download the right driver to keep the computer from crashing, here goes:

And the point of this exercise gets us to the Word of Wisdom for today, which is hope.  No matter how unproductive, self-loathing, and wasteful today was for me, there is always the hope that tomorrow will be better.  And here are a few of my other hopes: that I don't chuck this machine out of a window; that I am stronger than the drama that threatens to drive me insane; that eventually I will have enough money to do what I need to do so that I can focus on a few things that I want to do; that the people I love who are going through changes will find their way through; that the forces of evil will not triumph over those for good; and that one day, I can find the 'peace' that is supposed to come from taking yoga class.

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