Saturday, June 25, 2011

Highs and Lows

So the Inaugural Busy Black Woman Hump Day Happy Hour was a success and I am still riding the high!  Again, thanks to everyone who came out and remember to be on the lookout for more events soon!

But, as I am the BBW, I had to move onto the next thing, which includes writing up a few committee reports, preparing for meetings, and planning a conference for the Fall.  Somehow, I need to figure out how to get in some time to exercise so that I can keep the love handles at bay. 

Speaking of exercise, I did make it back to dance class for the first time since the recital and thankfully, class was taught by a substitute who did not have too many expectations...not that it was easy, but let's just say that she was merciful.  And I did not feel anything until this morning when I went for a walk around the monuments.

For a moment, can I just add my voice to the chorus of Washingtonians who find tourists annoying?  I know that the city benefits from the visitors, but there has to be a happy medium between stopping the flow of traffic for pictures with a monument in the background and the economic boon we enjoy from all the crappy trinkets purchased and junk food consumed downtown.  Something has got to give--today I got really close to shoving a woman out of my way after saying "excuse me" at least 50 times. 

And speaking of shoving folks, I am not generally a violent person, but if one more person stands too close to me while I am trying to pay for my groceries in the self-service checkout line...

Which brings me to the topic of self-service lines...thank goodness someone thought of them because nowadays, the skill required to be a cashier clearly does not exceed scanning bar codes or asking if I am interested in joining the latest in-store rewards program.  Because of my reusable bags, I have no need for the plastic store bags anymore, and apparently that means the cashiers are only obligated to total my purchases for me.  As soon as I mention that I already have a bag, it is as if I just said that I had some kind of oozing infection and they back away as soon as the last item is scanned. 

Eventually the problem with self-service is that there are hiccups.  Like when attempting to buy cough medicine, you need to show some ID and that just complicates things because you have to wait for someone to review it and then that is the exact moment that the printer in the register runs out of ink and/or paper.

I saw a really cheap printer this past week for about $55, but I passed because I kept thinking that the price was too good to be true.  Either it was a display model, or a really crappy printer, and quite frankly, I have a pretty good crappy printer that I got for free several years ago.  As long as it still works, I'll be just fine.

And this is totally off the subject, but I was amused by the Seersucker Thursday photo in the newspaper because that was the material of my Spring/Summer uniform in high school.  Only I did not know that it was called seersucker--I called it the Matlock pattern since that is what he wore everyday.  And strangely, I never saw anyone in seersucker despite the fact that I spent seven years in school down South.  Don't get me started on that...

Well kids, the BBW is tired and needs to catch a few winks.  Enjoy the weekend!

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