Friday, July 22, 2011

A Cure for My Friday Funk

Let me just start off by saying that this is not another complaint about the least not entirely :)

But this morning I woke up in a pool of sweat and with an unexplained pain in my knee.  Mind you, I went to bed last night with a full glass of wine and a heating pad strapped to my lower back...but it was the failure of the air conditioning that was the source of my misery this morning. 

Let me rewind to yesterday afternoon when the power blinked.  It appeared to have been caused by the power company since one of their vans was parked outside and there was some type of work going on next door.  So I dismissed the blink as a minor unremarkable episode.  Fast forward to a few hours later when I was sweating profusely while getting ready for dance class.  I wondered why it felt like a sauna inside the house, but I dismissed my discomfort as stress since I was running super late for getting across town.  Fast forward to my dance class where, already suffering from extreme tension in my lower back, I lifted my leg onto the barre for a stretch and felt my knee shift.  But I dismissed that as just an odd torque since I had been late to class and rushed through a hasty warm-up.  Fast forward to the husband's observation that the AC appeared not to be working...but as you probably guessed, my wine had kicked in so I dismissed his grumbling as just another complaint because this man gets hot whenever the temperature exceeds 65 degrees.

So as we review the video tape of the last 24 hours of my life, it would appear that my decision to dismiss the power blink, the temperature elevation in the house, the extent of my back tension, the sound that came from my knee, and the husband's moaning, resulted in my very foul mood this morning.  And then to top it all off with a nice cherry tomato with blossom end rot, guess what I discovered on a few of my Juliets this morning?  Could this day get any worse?

Probably.  The TV is spazzing, we need a new battery for the smoke detector, the student loan sharks are calling me several times a day again, and I am probably persona non grata to more than a few folks for being a flake this week...  But there is a silver lining.

Laughter and perspective.  Starting with perspective--stuff happens, usually to make us aware of things that we might have otherwise overlooked.  The power blip might have been an indication that I am not watching my carbon footprint like I should.  The stress tension in my back is an indication that I clearly need to chillax (and maybe head back to yoga for real) since gardening is now giving me new reasons to worry.  The fact that I dreaded having to call the AC repairman for fear that he would have to come inside to fix the unit is an indication that I really need to do something about this house...

And then there is laughter, which really is the best medicine when life seems too murky and depressing to take things into perspective.  Last week I read an article about the web show Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, and despite the fact that I immediately LOVED it and now believe that discovering it might in fact change my life...I initially made a conscious (cowardly-lion) decision not to write about it.  For some misguided reason, I thought it would make me seem like a late-jumping band-wagoneer since several other bloggers had already raved about it.

Silly rabbit. 

Seriously, the show is really funny.  After seeing only the first episode, I linked to it last week.  I was late yesterday partly because I was laughing hysterically at two more episodes (and apparently not noticing that there was no AC).  And then this morning when it seemed like Newton-Murphy's Law to the Third Power was in effect without the requisite productive day as a counter-balance, I watched the last episode and determined that I would be just fine.

So Busy Black Women, check MABG out because when it hits the big time, you'll want to be that cool person at the table who can say that you were into it before everyone else found it :)

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