Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Things You Do For Love

And I say this after spending the morning at the salon getting my hair braided, per the request of the husband...because as everyone on my Twitter feed learned this morning right before it all got started, I HATE GETTTING MY HAIR BRAIDED!

Mind you, the husband LOVES braids and specifically requested them for my appearance at the Elder Niece's nuptials which are next weekend.  He made this request back in June when we were discussing a few wedding details with the Elder Niece, her sister (the MOH), and her Mom (his eldest sister and  my sister-in-law).  Mind you, I am not even in the bridal party, so what I look like really should not matter, but then when it was suggested that I might have to pose in a wedding photo or two, then the topic of what-will-she-do-with-her-hair came up (and mind you once more, this question was posed by the husband)...

And then he pulls out the emotional blackmail: "You know how much my mother loved you in braids...everybody loves you in braids" and then makes a sad weepy dog face for effect.  And as you know, I loved my late mother-in-law and would have done just about anything for her, so now I have braids.

And did I mention that the big wedding weekend happens to coincide with the Busy Black Woman's big 10th wedding anniversary?  So since the husband loves braids, and I've been a grumpy grump for the last eight and a half years, I got braids to make him happy.  But please do not tell him that...I'm sticking with the explanation that since we are headed to Puerto Rico the following week, I got braids so that I will not have to think about my hair whilst enjoying a week in the tropics.

Because I love the husband, I will not be participating in a panel discussion about my college years, which would be a totally typical BBW activity for me on any other night of the year.  Alas, it is scheduled for the night of our anniversary, so I thought twice and declined the invitation...but you can tell him it was because I needed to pack for our two trips.

Because I love my natural hair just like it is, I am annoyed that people want to charge me extra for styling it, as if the additional length is somehow a liability.  Yes it is thick and will destroy styling tools without a second thought, but isn't that the point?  But as much as I love this thick mess, I needed a break, so that is why I have braids.

Because this song has been in my head since I wrote the title to this post, here ya go:

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