Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Busy Black Woman meets the Happy Black Woman

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Rosetta Thurman, life coach and author of the Happy Black Woman blog at a Happy Hour she sponsored at the Dirty Martini bar in DC.  I meant to write about that experience then, but life has a way of messing with my good intentions.  However, sometimes things happen for a reason.  Read on...

OK, so at the aforementioned event, I met several very interesting women: fellow bloggers, Spelman sisters, people I follow on Twitter, business women, and generally all very positive people.  It was not at all like some of the typical DC networking events where there is a list to get in or where you get the feeling that even after you make it past the velvet rope, you are being judged for every single choice (like breathing a certain way).  This was just very cool. 

And I have a confession to make--I went to this event with no clear idea of what to expect.  I saw the event posting and RSVP'd and just showed up. 

Impulsively just showing up turned out to be a clever move until the awkward moment when Rosetta walked over to introduce herself and I realized that I only knew her by her Twitter handle.  Then during the course of our conversation, someone else in the group mentioned the 31-Day Reset and I had to hold my head in shame (again) for I had showed up at the Happy Black Woman Happy Hour with no earthly idea that she was in the middle of promoting a Happy Black Woman 31-Day Reset!  Thankfully I was not completely clueless as I had read about the challenge back when another sister and blogger, Original Najeema, participated a few months ago.  Back then I thought my life too hectic and myself too cynical to believe that my life could be made over in a month. 

Silly rabbit.

Fast forward to my declaration this past Wednesday that the month of September is the month of ME. I made a list of things that I intended to do that would help me to focus on self-improvement and to de-clutter my space.  And that, dear friends, is how the Happy Black Woman 31-Day Reset entered the picture. 

So in addition to keeping you updated on my personal progress through my September Restart Journal, deciding to update my wardrobe, taking up French again, exercising, organizing my house (still a work in progress), I am also participating in the Happy Black Woman 31-Day Reset.  So not that much change from the norm since I am still technically now in the full-blown BBW swing of things. 

But, I have prioritized ME in the usual lineup of activities.  The HBW Reset will force me to make time for myself even if it is just to write in a journal for an hour or so.  I will be posting some of the HBW assignments on the separate Journal page so that I can continue to be my snarcastic self here on the main blog as the situation warrants.  And though I am on Day Three of the Reset, here is my assignment from Day One (my mantra and theme music):

"You can fall, but you can rise also." --Angelique Kidjo

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