Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life is Relentless

I have been meaning to write for so long and have so many unpublished pieces in the cue that the only person left on Earth who still believes in this blog is me (and there are days when I'm doubtful).  But today I had a revelation that compelled me to write this:

Life is relentless. 

There is always a bad time for something important to happen. There is never the right time for something unexpected. There is always something--the very next day after you come back from the other side of the ocean with a head cold, someone needs you to part the Red Sea or feed the multitude with a can of tuna and a box of crackers.  It never stops!

Life just keeps going.  The only way to keep up is to keep moving.

So that means that instead of making excuses about how difficult it has been to write these past few months because every time I turned around there was some catastrophe that needed my immediate attention, I will just come clean and say that when I might have had a spare moment to write, I just didn't--I chose to sleep/shop/drink/whatever.  However, today I am choosing to write.  Later on I will get a drink.

This past year (and yes, this particular phase started a year ago tomorrow) has been hell and I expect that it will not be the last time that I will make this declaration in my lifetime.  It was hell when I lost my mother in law a year and half ago. It was hell when I lost my job. It was hell when I turned 35.

But so what. Get up and get busy, Busy Black Woman! Inspire others to do the same. And have a drink after everything goes to back to hell.  Cheers!

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