Monday, September 17, 2012

So Let Me Start By Saying...

This is the long-awaited recap of all the articles that I started, but never finished.  Instead of finishing them, I thought you might enjoy a little amuse-bouche of what I would have fully served:

Queen's Jubilee - I am a big fan of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, so like a good former subject, I celebrated her 60th year on the throne by watching the ad nauseum Today Show coverage with Matt and...Meredith???

Ann Curry's Exit - I was a fair-weather fan of the Today Show until they curried Ann in favor of the perfectly bland and unoffensive Savannah Guthrie. I have to say that while everyone in America except Ann knew that she was at best an awkward fit, nothing was more awkward than how NBC auf'ed her.

Sarah Palin on Today - Yes, because if your ratings are slipping why not take a chance on the maverick?  After all, that worked gangbusters for John McCain!

Mitt Romney - Snooze button (I'll come back to him in a few).

The Olympics - I actually wrote a lot about the Games on the FB site. And the sum total of all I need to say: GO TEAM USA!!!

Meeting Michelle Obama - Yes, the Busy Black Woman can honestly say that she was at a White House event where our gorgeous First Lady made an appearance. But no, I didn't actually meet her...I did, however, take a somewhat fuzzy picture of her on my cell phone camera.

Growing older - My birthday is in a few months which means that someday (not anytime soon, but someday) I will have to change the advertising on my blog to say that these are the musings of a forty-something Type A personality. Yikes!

Mitt Romney - Snooze button...(give me in a few more minutes).

Growing older, part deux - Unfortunately, a side effect of aging is losing people. This summer felt particularly tragic for me because several people I knew passed away, including an aunt and the woman who gave me my first professional job. It is sobering to realize that the safety net most of us had while growing up is fraying; yet, because we are still here, it is being rewoven with us as the fiber for the next generation.

Summer B-cubes - Yeah...too late for that one.

Soapy nights - I was not initially psyched about the return of Dallas until I saw the first episode and then I had to watch every single one and now I'm thinking that I need to join a fan page or something because WHOA!!!  (Oh, and I also liked what I saw of Scandal.)  So dear sultans of pop culture, if you have any compassion, you will usher out reality TV as quickly and efficiently as you did the macarena.

Mitt Romney - Snooze button...(last time, I want to talk about his convention first).
The Year of the Woman 2.0 - Is it me, or did the GOP really try to repent for its 1950s-like obsession with birth control and invasive ultra-sound procedures with Ann Romney?

Clint Eastwood - As I watched his speech, I kept reminding myself that this was the RNC Convention and not some random awards show where the cue cards got shuffled.

Paul Ryan - Apparently the dashing young VP candidate thinks he's Superman...

And finally, Mitt Romney - Snooze.

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