Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Ode to Yoga Pants

The husband recently made a comment about a pair of pants that I was wearing. Specifically that I was once again wearing my brown yoga pants, and for that reason, maybe I should give my mother a pass for wearing the same three outfits all the time.

[Insert neck roll].

First of all, I had not been wearing the same pair of brown yoga pants. I had been wearing several different pairs of yoga pants--three black and one brown. Second, I had long ago ceased to comment on my mother's attire even though she insists on wearing summer clothes all year.  Third, when the h3ll did he start paying attention to my clothes?

Although I cannot find it on YouTube, comedian Kathleen Madigan has a routine about yoga pants being great for many things, including but not limited to yoga.  I would agree and add that for most women--especially Busy Black Women--yoga pants are a more stylish alternative to other workout clothing such as baggy sweatpants, booty shorts, or anything on last week's what not to wear list.

What is there not to love about yoga pants? They are made from stretchy opaque material, have an elastic waist band, are multi-functional, and of particular benefit to me as a tall girl with hips, they come in an array of lengths and figure-flattering fits.  Unlike shopping for jeans (which is akin to preparing for battle), most women can find a decent pair of yoga pants anywhere.  So yes, yoga pants are my default option for most non-formal situations.  Travel? Quick errands to the store? Impromptu coffee shop run? Flea market browsing? After work lounge wear? Pajamas in a pinch?

Check, check, check, check, check and check.  If I could get away with, I would not wear yoga pants every day.  I would at least switch things up and wear a dress to church. 

And for the record, the husband is dead wrong about me being in a wardrobe rut.  I am simply a victim of too many clothes with not enough places on my weekly itinerary to wear them.  If the best going out opportunity I get presented with on a Saturday night is dinner at Chipotle or carry out on a Groupon, then yes, I am probably going to throw on a pair of yoga pants since no one really cares what the next person in line is wearing anyway.

And another thing, I am proud to say that for the first time since April I've actually worn yoga pants to YOGA class recently! And they were not the brown pair, so there!

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