Sunday, April 2, 2017

April Foolishness, March Madness, Forgotten February

I've allowed too many weeks to pass without posting. It was not exactly was just busyness as usual. I had plans, and instead of going into another lengthy explanation of what had happened, I will offer a summary of the pieces that I had intended to write. Although I was not posting here does not mean I was not writing or planning to write. In some cases, I still hope to try to write some flesh onto the skeleton pieces I started, but in the meantime, here is the list of what was supposed to be:

Black History Month for Dummies - This was supposed to be my follow-up to Going to Meet the Whizard, a piece I started on this blog then decided to post over at the Cafe (back when I was still trying to figure out what content was best for which blog--still an evolving concept). Anyway, the plan was to devote an entire piece to Omarosa Manigault. Sadly, I haven't begun to write it yet, even though I got a second chance when she allegedly started a fight with WH correspondent April Ryan, and then a third chance with the recent incident involving Ryan and WH press secretary Sean Spicer. I am sure that there will be other opportunities, so this goes in the pending column.

Oscars So Chock Full of Busy Black Women - Another piece that was intended as a follow-up, this time to Oscars So Black because right after I finished that piece I realized that there were so many other big black moments that I neglected to mention. And each one related to the presence of black women. I missed the window on this for both the Oscars aftermath and Women's History Month, but because I'm convinced that it was unintentional and unlikely ever to happen again, I will find a reason to post it eventually.

HBCU President's Meeting - Actually, I did not plan to write anything about that nonsense but I feel the need to acknowledge the plain tomfoolery of it as another swipe at Omarosa.

This is Us - I forgot that I wanted to blog about that show, because there was a specific episode that I wanted to highlight. I'm not sure when I wrote this piece on depression during the season, but as anxiety and family pressure have been weighing heavily on me since the beginning of the year, I know that the themes I wanted to emphasize will resurface at some point in the future. And yes, I think it is one of the best shows on TV.

International Women's Day - I started a piece about the Day Without Women and then never really worked out what I wanted to say. I didn't take the day off, but I wrote this on the FB page, wore red that day, and so I think we're good.

Free Melania (Again) - I wrote a quick plea to Lady Ivanka and planned to revisit the issue of Step-Mum...but really do we care? Of course we do, but I think we need something outrageous to happen and so far Melania has been a total class act. I do not intend to join the chorus of folks who critique the First Lady for not living in the White House, despite the hypocrisy and excessive costs to taxpayers. I regard her decision as a private one that she is entitled to make, period.

Nepotism - Don't ask me to explain why I believe Melania is entitled to privacy when Ivanka isn't, but as far as I'm concerned Ivanka is the public figure. So yes, she deserves every bit of scrutiny since she takes full advantage of being the boss's daughter. I just asked this question on the FB page after news of Ivanka's new job became public because there are several big questions, namely: (1) how does nepotism negatively impact women's advancement; and (2) are we harder on the boss's daughter than we are on his sons?

Black Women at Work - I tried to remember if I had been impacted by being a black woman at work, and I was in different ways. I was too young to know how to process certain scenarios, but then there were the times that I was mistreated by other black women for being I am going to leave this one alone for now.

Of course I am looking at this list and realizing that I did a fare amount of writing, just not on the topics that I planned in advance. I have taken more time to write about some of my personal issues (read here), and while all of that is still going on, my hope is to find some humor in this so that I can get back to being my normal Busy Black self. Stay tuned!

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