Thursday, January 4, 2018

Be It Resolved

It's a few days after the first of the year, and I want to start on a positive note by setting my aspirations for the New Year (these are not resolutions):

1. Build my brand. I didn't meet a lot of my expansion objectives for 2017 for a variety of reasons, but I did write a LOT and I vamped up my social media presence. I'm proud of the fact that I am building an audience, so instead of trying to branch off in new directions, I will focus on doing what I do best. I have taken some steps to engage offline through merchandise, so maybe a few of you will buy something to keep the student loan sharks happy.

2. Forgive those who have hurt me. There are quite a few folks in this category, so I am going to forgive those who pissed me off in 2017. Forgiveness is not the same as forgetfulness, but I refuse to lose any more sleep or gain another pound from toting around anger and frustration.

3. Sow seeds to bless others. I am not asking for anything in return, nor am I expecting anything, but I have learned that generosity is its own reward (try it and you will see what I mean).

4. Eat better. In order to shed the weight that I gained from being so angry for the better part of 2017, I need to change my eating habits. Since the kid likes fruit and veggies, I guess we will eat more of the same. I just need to trick her into drinking more water. Of course, this means I need to cook more.

5. Regular exercise. Continuing with dance classes has been a challenge with a busy Toddlersaurus, but I can walk. I just need to find the right spots to take the kid. I began my year with a 5k walk on New Year's Day, so I just need to keep up that momentum (and buy more cold weather gear).

6. Make more me time. There is a lot I could say about self-care, and after reading this article by Karen Wilder, I don't need much convincing. But in addition to taking time to relax, I actually need to find a way to disconnect. I never got much of a break from being a parent to a toddler and being a caregiver. This year I've got to do better.

7. Quality time with my parents. I had three friends lose a parent last year. Not that I don't spend a lot of time with my parents as it is, but those losses made me rethink the type of time I spend with my parents, most of which is just sitting around. Mobility had been an issue in taking my Mom places, made more challenging with a rambunctious child. But somehow, I need to figure things out. Even if that means I have to occasionally endure three-hour outings to Red Lobster.

8. Reengage in the good fight. I made some small steps in that direction this fall, and I hope to continue. I miss being involved, but I also need to accept that I don't have the flexibility or availability that I used to have. So that means more focus. It also means that I need to be okay with pulling out my checkbook in lieu of showing up places.

9. Reorganize my life. From top to bottom.

10. Jump in. I was discouraged too many times by looking at updates on Facebook of other people's lives and adventures. The vacations. The parties. The squad goals. Well, my goal is not to be envious of what I see, nor is it to make anyone else envious of my life. The goal is simply to live my life on my own terms. I will make choices according to what I can do, but also according to what I want to do. I've already set my sights on a major travel goal this year, and I will make it happen because life is too short to spend it saving for rainy days that come and go while I gawk at Facebook or Instagram photos.

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