Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project Meltdown

I need to make a confession--sometimes I lose it.  And folks, there ain't nothing pretty about it!  I know this flies in the face of everything you have come to think about the BBW because part of my job is to make it look like everything is flawless.  Yet, there are times when life gets the best of me and well, it sucks to be in the path of my hurricane.

Take this past weekend for example.  The husband and I had plans to attend a party and all I had to do was get ready in two hours.  Simple enough since I already knew what I was going to wear, right?  Wrong.  Ten minutes prior to our scheduled departure, two crucial aspects of my outfit went missing:

The earrings I wanted to wear and my makeup bag.

Now, the makeup bag had actually gone missing the day before and after a search of the car and a call to my brother to see if he had found it at his house since that was the last place I recalled seeing it (to which he claimed in the negatory, despite the fact that I know it is at his house if he would just look for it), I had to scramble to pull together a look from my backup stash.  The horror!  Of course, the issue was not that I had to use the backup stash (remember, a BBW is always prepared); it was the stress of not knowing whether my makeup bag would be found.  My brother probably thought that it was no big deal that I took the time to text him, call him twice and then tear my car apart, but I think it should have been obvious that locating this little bag was vital to my ongoing sanity.  I know that he is busy with my precious Baby Niece, but still...I NEED MY MAKEUP BAG!!!

And then there were the missing earrings.  Admittedly, I have a bad habit of taking my jewelry off and not putting it away.  But because this tends to happen in certain common areas of the house, I would not call these items misplaced--they are simply mislaid.  So I naturally assumed that the earrings that matched the necklace I planned to wear would have been in the same place especially since the necklace was in the jewelry box where it belonged. 

So I go tearing about the house with my half made-up face (because certain necessities from my missing makeup bag are not duplicated in my backup stash) and the earrings are in none of the usual out-of-the-jewelry-box locations.  I check the pockets of outfits I had worn earlier in the week, the small portable cases I carry in my dance and yoga bags, the interior pockets of my purses, and I then wonder if the earrings were also left behind at my brother's house.  The husband who is already dressed, observes quietly from the sidelines while I kick and curse and triple-check all of the usual out-of-the-jewelry box places where I would normally find a pair of earrings.  Nothing.

Finally, the husband asks if I would prefer to stay home, and this dear friends, is when the meltdown began.  I snap that I have already gotten dressed and if he wanted to suggest that we skip the party, he should have done so hours before I misplaced my earrings, searched the car three times, called my brother, and generally got out of the bed that morning.  Then he asks if he could help.  And then I say, no, you can go back to sitting on the sofa while I continue tear the house apart.  He opts to wait in the car.

Of course by the time we arrived at the party, no one had a clue that there had been any hiccups, and we had a great time.  I wore a different piece of jewelry with matching earrings, and I opted for a different look with my makeup.  (The missing earrings were later found in a pocket of the one pair of jeans I had not checked, but the makeup bag is still MIA.) 

I just wanted to share because while the BBW is the consummate professional in public, I am also human and only slightly anal.  Sometimes isht happens--the key is to make the clean up look easy.

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