Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still Here? Yeah, Me Too

This post is not really about the is about this blog.

I am attempting to make a few changes, and so things are a little touch and go.  For half a second, an error message that came up about the blog not being found nearly caused my heart to stop...this is what I get for trying to be my own IT person.  A sign that I really need to stay in my own lane, perhaps?

However, until everything gets sorted out, my hope is that you will still be able to find the BBW come tomorrow, or whenever you need a little laughter from one of my irreverent posts.  Once the transition has taken place, it will be much easier to find me (correction: it should be easier to find the blog).  More than likely I will continue to pull off the occasional Carmen Sandiego routine.

Speaking of which, weren't things much simpler when this was life's most pressing question?  Sure they were!

So in the spirit of all things 90s and nostalgic, stay tuned for some of the exciting things to come in the world of the Busy Black Woman, and for old time's sake, enjoy this theme song blast from the past:

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