Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Late Night Fried Chicken: Lesser Royal Weddings and Other Snacks

So apparently this past weekend, another royal wedding took place except I did not get word that I needed to rise from my bed at 5am to watch the two-hour long processional.  And then I remembered that I totally missed another royal wedding a couple of weeks ago, so I'm starting to wonder if I am slipping...

Or maybe these royal nuptials involve folks that we clearly could care less about. 

But if you recall, I have a major soft spot for the British royal family.  So the wedding of the Queen's eldest granddaughter and the in-depth coverage of Princess Catherine's recycled outfit is enough for me to indulge in a few late night nibbles with some fancy dipping sauce.  And while we're on the subject of royals, I might as well enjoy a few more nuggets--the royal visits exchanged between the First Family and the Windsors, the visit to Hollywood by the future King and Queen of England, and then the royal wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco.  So if you please, a recap in photos (with a little snarky commentary in my best Geico gecko voice):

The lovely bride, Zara Phillips, and her new husband, Mark Tindall, the bloke with the crooked face.

The Royal Mum of the Bride, Princess Ann, in a frumpy flowered frock.

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice...not bad loves.  In fact, much better!

The more famous jet-setting royals, with Kate wearing a very swanky fascinator.

The Obamas, Prince Phillp and the Queen!

Will and Kate do Hollywood!

Prince Albert of Monaco and his bride, Princess Charlene. *Yawn*

But wait, what is the deal with Monaco?  Their regent, Prince Albert looks like a high school chemistry teacher, yet he was a real-honest-to-goodness international playboy!  He has two, maybe three baby mamas and governs a country the size of my back yard...a much classier Atlantic City without Donald Trump.

Oh well.

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