Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Busy Black Woman Returneth!

For those of you who might have noticed that I had not written anything since the beginning of October (and for those who did notice), I'm back!  And I have so much to say that it is hard to know where to begin...so I will start at the beginning.

I intended to write a post back at the beginning of the month about my September reset, but then I started another post about the Obamas and my 10th wedding anniversary, which I did not finish before the trip to New York for the niece's wedding, and I only had a day to prepare for the trip to Puerto Rico for a week (sans laptop), so by the time I got back and spent most of last week ripping and running around, it was time for Blogalicious weekend.

And I just noticed today that I pretty much abandoned you all for the month of October. AACCK!

So here is the deal, I will spend the remainder of this month on all of the unfinished and partially completed drafts and ideas that were supposed to be posted by now: the September reset recap, the beauty of weddings and anniversaries, my vacation, my reflections on Blogalicious, and finally Halloween.  That makes five articles in six days, so while I am not making any promises, I hope that you will come back into the Busy Black Woman fold anyway to see what happens next!

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