Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Camptown Races

Apparently the anxiety that results from over-sleeping the morning of your child's first day of camp is extra. So extra that the Hub moves even slower and acts like you've shot his imaginary dog even though he is the one who insists that it only takes him five minutes to get ready (when it is really more like 15, but whatever).

I could go on and outline every single thing that went wrong this morning, but you already know that I overslept. I did wake up at 3 am but for some dumb ass reason, decided not to retrieve my phone (with the alarms preset) from the downstairs charger. When I woke up at my normal time at 6:27am and there was no lunch packed, no labels affixed to identify her stuff, and no conceivable way that we were going to leave the house in an yeah, I was going to be a tad extra. But we made it on time to deliver our package on her first day without incident.

Instead, I will briefly explain why I had to be so extra this morning: (1) yesterday was busy from 8am to whenever I fell asleep in my clothes; (2) the day before was not as busy, but still a little hectic; (3) the day before that was not as busy or as hectic, but it took an unexpected turn which then set the wheels in motion for the next two days; and (4) I perform better under pressure anyway. Oh and there is a fifth reason--I'm extra so I tend to over-prepare (but you already know that).

And well, we made it on time and since no one called to ask me to come get the kid early, I'm guessing she had a pretty good day. Once her father finally pulled himself together and went to work, I got started on a long overdue project that I hope will be completed by the end of the month when camp is over.

So I get to do this all over again tomorrow, and since lightening doesn't tend to strike in the same place twice, I'm going to plan to be a little less extra in the morning.

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