Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Busy Black Woman on Vacation

I am currently sitting in a rented house located about half a mile from the beach. The Toddlersaurus and the Hub are napping. I am finally getting over this cough, after having spent nearly three weeks with bronchitis. But I am determined to enjoy this week. I am finally on vacation!

Let's go back a few days to Friday night, when I was on the phone procrastinating as usual before the big trip. I had been doing laundry and packing all day, but I took time to visit my parents and then to chat with my BFF. During the course of our conversation, she mocked me for over-packing. I laughed and agreed that I have been known to pack more than enough of everything for every conceivable vacation worst-case scenario. But that is because the Hub packs nothing except for his own clothes, usually in an oversized bag because he doesn't fold anything...and then he completely underestimates our needs. Anyway, I took my antibiotics and declared how happy I was that it was my last day of treatment. Then I did a little more packing before turning in for the evening.

The next morning, I woke up feeling okay, but not better. Still I soldiered on, finished the laundry, packed our stuff, then I had a sudden sneezing jag and it went downhill from there. We left the city two and a half hours after we intended. I didn't exactly over-pack, but I did empty my fridge of perishables. Yes, I know that we can afford to shop for whatever I forgot, like the correct cough medicine, more cough drops, and probably some whiskey when that OTC crap proves ineffective. And of course we plan to hit the outlets before heading home.

But so what, I am finally on vacation!

We are the only brown people in this neck of the woods, and apparently we never noticed that on our previous trips. I am still picking up after the Hub who drops his clothes wherever. The Toddlersaurus has been extra hyped. She is not even close to being potty trained (in fact, she might be regressing) which probably explains that unfortunate poopie incident on the beach.

But I don't care! I am on vacation!

I am still coughing. And taking cough medicine...and drinking alcohol! I still have Father's Day cards that I brought with me to mail, but haven't. I also have a check in my wallet that I should have delivered before I left home. I spent an entire evening binging on reruns of Star Trek Voyager. I am out of shape but I wore a bikini anyway.

Maybe I do over-pack, but so does every other mother who takes a beach vacation trip (yeah, I've embraced the change). Apparently that rechargeable pump for the inflatable pool was a good idea. So was that sunscreen in a spray can, since husbands are like children when it comes to reapplication and treating the resulting sunburn. And yes, I plan to get another ginormous designer Mom bag from one of the outlets. I might even get something else for myself since the next time I'll get the opportunity will be at Christmas.

I haven't gotten through half of the wine I brought along, but no worries, I am on vacation!!!

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