Friday, May 22, 2020

Fried Chicken Wednesday: Cue the Blacklash

I don't know what day we're on and I'm sure that today isn't still Wednesday, but dammit, I'm pissed. I have been posting similar rants on my Facebook page over the foolishness and stupidity of others during this pandemic, and it gets more frustrating with each passing week.

I don't understand why it is so hard to convince people that this is a deadly virus. Don't quote annual flu statistics or car crash fatalities when there have been more people to die of this virus in this country in three months than the number of American casualties recorded from the Vietnam War. It is NOT a badge of honor to lead the world in fatalities. And it isn't just your local coffee shop or nail salon that was impacted but it has been EVERY coffee shop and EVERY nail salon on the entire planet, save that one combo unit in Antarctica, that have all been impacted! EVERYBODY has to start over from scratch.

I don't know how else to say it. So I will consult my Google translator and say Coronavirus has shut down the world in other languages to see if it becomes clearer:

Coronavirus het die wêreld gesluit. (Afrikaans)
Karōnābhā'irāsa biśbakē bandha karē diyēchē. (Bengali)
Koronavirusŭt zatvori sveta. (Bulgarian)
Coronavirus har lukket verden ned. (Danish)
Coronavirus heeft de wereld gesloten. (Dutch)
Koronavirus on sulkenut maailman. (Finnish)
Le coronavirus a fermé le monde. (French)
Coronavirus hat die Welt geschlossen. (German)
A koronavírus leállította a világot. (Hungarian)
Coronavirus ha chiuso il mondo. (Italian)
Koronauirusu ga sekai o heisa shita. (Japanese)
Kolona baileoseuga sesang-eul dad-assseubnida. (Korean)
Koronavirusot go zatvori svetot. (Macedonian)
Coronavirus har strengt verden. (Norwegian)
Koronawirus zamknął świat. (Polish)
Coronavirusul a închis lumea. (Romanian)
Coronavirus apagó el mundo. (Spanish)
Coronavirus funga dunia. (Swahili)
Coronavirus dị pid taw lng lok. (Thai)
Coronavirus dünyayı kapattı. (Turkish)
Koronavirus zakryv svit. (Ukranian)
Coronavirus đã đóng cửa thế giới. (Vietnamese)
Koronavirus hat farmakhn di velt. (Yiddish)
Coronavirus ku aye. (Yoruba)

And if it still doesn't make sense to you then I guess I could try some universal language like Morse code, pig Latin, American sign language, or the NATO phonetic alphabet (but I don't have time for any of that shit), so to sum up:

And yes, I know American sign language isn't a universal language. That isn't the point; however, coronavirus is a Charlie Foxtrot or in Busy Black Woman parlance, chicken fried poop.

My other point is that I have complied with the stay at home orders issued by my local government, neighboring jurisdictions, and acting-President Andrew Cuomo. I have been supporting local restaurants by eating their over-priced take out. I have put on a cheerful face during my daughter's daily community meetings even though I would much rather be doing anything else. I am still laminating lessons that the Kid may or may not feel like doing because free-range Montessori children are special like that. I have done my part to keep the economy going by shopping online, and I have been recycling all of the excessive packaging too. I plan to start a garden. I might even join a CSA to get more variety in my produce until my aforementioned garden bears fruit. I have donated to all of the worthy causes that my friends have asked me to support because I know that needs are acute right now.

I am doing what was asked of me to help flatten the curve. I have been wearing a mask and maintaining my social distance from my parents and other family. I'm not asking for a medal, but dammit my nails look like they haven't been done since March. We won't even discuss the state of my hair or my marriage. 

So when I follow the directives and only venture so far as to take a leisurely stroll through my neighborhood and see that almost no one else is wearing a mask, that angers me. It upsets me that people take their kids with them on errands and don't have their faces covered, while my Kid looks like a cartoon gunslinger in her bandana. This entitled heifer's entire existence irritates my soul--like what medical condition does she have that prevents her from wearing a mask, debilitating arrogance? Why isn't this human gem not the subject of an eyewitness news segment reporting how her ass got beat down by an angry mob? Amid human interest stories of the people who've lose their lives and livelihoods, we're treated to this self-involved and unapologetic bullshit, eloquently dismantled and exposed for its chicanery by the always on point Very Smart Brothas. And then there is this fuckery right here from Miss Anne's great, great, great granddaughter who was raised not to see color:

I am so tired. But I don't own a gun and let's face it, I'm Black so any kind of confrontation I might attempt to won't end well. If I could be so cavalier as to assume that I am safe simply because no one I know has died yet...but I can't because I know of several people who have lost family in that ever increasing number, including a cousin. So yeah, I hate you people. I hate your smug sense of entitlement. I hate your hypocrisy. And I know, I can't do anything about this except seethe and rail against you on this blog or or my Facebook page.

I don't wish you any ill will though. I refuse to repay your oblivious narcissism with the requisite wish that you learn first-hand what it must be like to lose someone in this pandemic and then have it shrugged off like the way you would swat a fly. I bet if dogs were dying of COVID-19, y'all would care. I know, people die everyday and if you have ever uttered those words in response to someone else's loss during this crisis, I pray that you never experience the sting of having that sentiment spat back at you from some similarly insensitive prick.

This is the point where I am supposed to wrap up my little sermonnette with a hymn of forgiveness for the crimes and sins you have committed, but absolving you will not set me free. No thank you, but I don't drink bleach. I refuse to believe that in all of this, there is some silver lining that will result in a better world...for you. I refuse to accept that a return to your normal is what's best.

We will not be reverting to the state of passively acquiescing to your double and triple standards for evading accountability. We've seen how you regard our sons and daughters as threats, declared guilty for the crime of merely existing; then in order to receive justice, we must redeem our dead as innocent and worthy of life itself. We see how some of you have been more than willing to sacrifice your own parents to this virus because well, death is inevitable. We have lived for centuries with your sadism and refuse to descend to that level. We will not participate in this existential debate--this Morton's fork (yes, there is a use for philosophy in practical life) where a face mask is deemed more threatening than an assault rifle.

Coronavirus has brought an end to the world as we knew it. Period. I won't be translating that for you because you already know it to be true, but in case you're in doubt, here is a visual aid:

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