Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do You Know What You Look Like? Part Two

To recap, the BBW was having a couple of cocktails with the husband at the bar of the W Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard.  At some point, I commented that I was over-dressed for the occasion, despite the fact that the temperature had dropped to somewhere close to 40 degrees (let me tell you that while it may never rain in Southern California, it does get rather cold).  This lead to a discussion about the clothing choices of the young women we observed as they came through the bar.

Our story picks up when the hero, Alpha One, invited our heroine, Queen Bee, over for a chat.  Alpha One and his posse looked a little like these guys:

The Queen Bee and her friends thought they looked a little like this (minus 15 years or so):

The rest of the women in the bar looked a lot like...well, this is a family blog and I can't post pics like that on here.  Just use your imagination. 

The rest of the cast members at the bar consisted of guys who looked like this:

And more than a few who looked like him:

And him:

And maybe a few who reminded me of these guys (since the movie posters were plastered all over the city):

But now onto the conclusion!  So Alpha One and Queen Bee engaged in a few minutes of light banter, during which a few members of his posse also chatted it up with Queen Bee's posse.  Then after about five, but no more than ten minutes later, he and his posse left...alone.  Queen Bee and her girls stood off to the side and watched as Alpha One and his friends took off.  Shortly thereafter, the BBW yawned and the husband announced that he was tired, so we left too.

And that is the end of the story, but now here are a few morals:
1. Just because they sell stripper clothes, you do not have to purchase them...let alone wear them in public.

2. Men do take notice, but that is what they do anyway--notice women, whether you are fully clothed or dressed like a Hollywood hooker.  So why risk pneumonia, a sprained ankle, or worse by walking around three-quarters naked?

3. Let's dispense with the Pretty Woman fantasy here and now.  You are not Julia Roberts and the last time I checked, Richard Gere is still married.  The whole-prostitute-with-a-heart-of-gold-meets-a-rich-guy-who-gets-lost-while-cruising-the-Hollywood-strip-in-his-smarmy-lawyer's-car-thing sounds wonderful, but it ain't gonna happen.

4. Say that some dude does approach you.  How would you want him to tell people how you met--at a bar and that he could not help but to notice your cleavage from across the room? 

5.  OK, I lied...there is a slight chance that you might meet the one guy in Hollywood who will totally appreciate your outfit.  He might even put you on a pedastal and dub you a 'Goddess':


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