Friday, April 1, 2011

Quiet Before the Storm

This has been one of those weeks where I needed to chill.  I am about to go into an intense time and I think in anticipation, my body just shut down a bit.  I was lethargic, sleepy and generally not in the mood to do much of anything.

Except of course, I had things to do so I did not really spend the week sitting around.  But I did go to bed early.  Correction: I fell asleep before midnight on top of the bed in my clothes at least three days this week.  Felt like I was back in college.

And that got me to thinking about how nice it would be to be a student again.  That was the life!  On a gloomy Friday like today, I would probably have overslept.  Eventually I would have dragged myself out of bed to head over to the cafeteria for lunch and then do a little people-watching from one of the windows in Upper Manley.  Or maybe I would browse the vendors in Lower Manley.  My friends would make plans to do something that night--usually a trip to the mall for dinner and/or a movie.  Or maybe a party at some new hot spot or at someone's way off-campus apartment.

Life was soooo much simpler then.  And looking back now, I gasp at all of the time I wasted!

Not that I wish that I had been doing something more productive (well, other than studying), but I miss being able to say that I did nothing all day without the weight of a guilty conscience.  Nowadays if I confess to blowing off a whole day, it feels like I have committed the worst of the seven deadly sins--sloth (which is probably not the worst generally, but for a BBW...)

The nostalgia for my college days is not really about looking backwards or about laziness.  It is trepidation about the days ahead.  I have to be a grown up...and sometimes that really sucks.

So here's to getting it together, getting (most of) it done, and to facing the world with my game face.


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