Sunday, January 16, 2011

DC Restaurant Week - Get Your Eat On

The week that all DC Foodies anticipate is upon us--DC Restaurant Week!  Even if you are not a foodie, Restaurant Week (RW) is a great excuse to get out to try something new.

But of course, there is the fine print...the first is that it begins tomorrow, which gives you exactly 16 hours to make your selections for the week.  The second is that your options may be limited because foodies like the husband have been plotting RW options for weeks.  Third, the really popular places that are still making reservations may only offer RW deals for lunch.  And then most places offer a limited menu of RW options.

Try anyway!  The great thing about RW is that there are so many choices.  And the price is still reasonable at $20.11 for lunch and $35.11 for dinner (not including beverages, tax and gratuity).  What BBW would want to miss a chance to discover the next happening place?

No time for DC Restaurant Week?  No worries if you are game to travel outside of the city to sample the fare in other locales:

Alexandria RW January 21-30 ($35 dinner options)
Bethesda-Chevy Chase RW January 24 - 30 (a little cheaper than some of DC's offerings)
National Harbor RW February 15 - 27 (look at PG County stepping up to generate some foodie buzz)

Do I have any specific recommendations?  Yes, if you really cannot participate this time around you need to mark your calendar for August when many of the same establishments offer the same deal.  Tip generously so that we can finally put to rest that myth that black women are the worst tippers (please).  Be adventurous and try something familiar prepared in a slightly different way.  Know that while the wine pairings or drink specials look enticing, they are not part of the deal and can double your tab.

Oh and please do not bring your cousins...last year we sat near a group of folks who loudly proclaimed that they had eaten better biscuits at Red Lobster and literally the entire room froze. 

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