Friday, January 7, 2011

Everyone is an Expert

The BBW has noticed that there are a lot of new blogs out there, several started by friends and acquaintances for the New Year.  In the words of a college professor, "Claim your space!"

The good thing about blogging is that anyone can write about anything...and that of course is also the dark side to blogging.  Rumors, innuendo and outright lies get hurled around the blogosphere like insults in Congress.  And there is no fact checker capable of policing everything that gets written.  It is truly a marketplace of ideas...buyer beware.

The BBW does not endeavor to tell anyone what to think, what to wear, or how to be liked by others.  Nor do I want to offer any advice on how to improve your life since that would presume that I have it all figured out on this end.  (OK, so maybe I did kind of suggest the other day that laundry and closet cleaning and goodwill bag stuffing are good things, but the choice to do those things are totally up to you.)  Those who can persuade, style, teach or advise should share their talents with the world.

Of course, a lot of this newfound interest in over-sharing is due in part to the Queen of Oversharing getting a 24-hour cable network perch.  In case you were not paying attention to all of the promos and interviews, I am speaking of none other than the fairy god-mother of Busy Black Women, Oprah Winfrey, or "The Oprah".

By the way, I LOVE The Oprah, but I have yet to watch more than five minutes of OWN.  She is great and wonderful and admirable and all of that, but she is a bit much to take in one hour, let alone for 24 hours.  I know that she is not on for all that time, but I have a feeling that she is a lot like that stage mom who performs the routine with the child in the wings.  As you are trying to watch the kid fumble through the performance, you keep getting distracted by the mom's flawless delivery.

So how is The Oprah responsible for all of these new bloggers and webpreneurs?  Surely not because she inspires everyone to have something that belongs to them--an outlet for their individual expression...nope!  Every single one of those folks wants to appear on her couch.  Everyone knows that winning the approval of The Oprah is akin to finding the golden ticket.  Before it was just her talk show and maybe the magazine that launched the careers of countless writers, sold products by the truckload, and elected a President, but now that she has 24 hours of programming to fill, the possibilities are endless.

Heck, I would only need about 5 minutes myself...

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