Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Down for the Cause(s)

I need to make a public service announcement: I BELIEVE:
  • in preventing heart disease in women, so on February 4, I will Go Red for Women.
  • in HIV and AIDS Awareness, so on February 7, I will participate in National Black AIDS Day.
  • that HIV and AIDS present public health crises for women and girls, so on March 10, I will Rock a Red Pump.
  • that we need more research to cure auto-immune diseases, so on April 16, I will walk to Create a World Free of MS
  • that we need to continue the fight against breast cancer, so on June 4, I will Race for the Cure.
And that is just the first half of the year.

The husband jokes that while my disease-of-the-month appeals are well-intentioned, they are a bit excessive and I counter that well...they are not!  If I were a doctor or a medical researcher, I would be doing something about all of these things, but since I am just a lawyer, I can only do that which we do best--advocate (or in the vernacular, guilt people into helping me raise money).

So just know that the BBW will be soliciting your assistance at some point in the future and come June, this list will be updated to reflect the public health causes that I will champion during the second half of the year.  Your resistance is futile (channelling my inner sci-fi geek).

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