Monday, January 31, 2011

Nothing in Particular

It is Sunday night and at the end of another whirl-wind of a weekend, I just want to be.  Be quiet.  Be still.  Be a little tipsy.

Not that my weekend was one of my typical get-it-all-in-before-the-sun-sets sort of deals.  In fact, by my normal standards, this weekend was rather quiet.  I had time for brunch yesterday, got a chance to see the Baby Niece, and got out of dance rehearsal at a decent time.  I had time to window shop for more than an hour at two stores and get this--I even had time to read an entire magazine at the bookstore this evening!

This is so not my life...but I could learn to enjoy it.

This evening I do have a few projects to finish before I head up to NYC in the morning, so there have been moments of normal.  And as I look at the calendar and realize that tomorrow is the last day of January, I could panic over all the undone projects that required my attention two weeks ago.  But in the zen spirit of this moment, I will just BE still and quiet (but unfortunately, not tipsy).

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