Sunday, January 2, 2011

Setting Priorities for 2011

So the BBW started 2011 off in the best possible way--at the first birthday party for the Baby Niece, my little BBW in training!  And now that the fun is over, the rest of the year awaits!  This week I need to hit the ground running on several activities and projects.  Although tomorrow (today) is Sunday and only the second day of the year, I already feel behind.

I am starting the year off by not attending what will likely be a major social event for BBW movers and shakers in the city tomorrow.  As much as I like the incoming mayor, I am acting quite non-BBW like in deciding to skip his inaugural festivities.  Sure, this could have been an opportunity for me to make a few contacts and to get a few balls rolling, but I pass.  I'm feeling that I need to focus my evergy on other pressing projects like the pile of laundry that is threatening to take over my bedroom.

Would I prefer to spend the day tomorrow schmoozing with the who's who of DC?  Yes, but the need for clean underwear is more pressing.

And though I declared just yesterday that I do not make New Year's Resolutions, I really do need to make a few changes in my environment and that has to start with my house.  Thus, in addition to doing my laundry, I plan to spend my day sorting through my clothes in order to purge those things I no longer wear or want.  Ugly sweaters (gifts) that I never intend to wear, items that are too small, shoes that hurt my feet, and all the other stuff that no longer fits into my BBW lifestyle are going to Goodwill, Dress for Success, or some other charity.

Hence my first BBW Word of Wisdom for 2011 is purge.  Yeah, I probably should have done this closet purge last week before the year changed in order to receive the tax benefits, but that is not the point.  What old or unwanted things are taking up space in your life?  Are you holding onto your single size clothes in hopes that you will lose weight to fit into them again?  Do you keep those painful shoes in hopes that you will one day find the right outfit for that great date with the person who might be the One?  Do you really look your best in that old coat that some long gone deceased relative gave you?  Do you honestly think that plaid, gingham, and polka dots are appropriate for grown a$$ women?

Get rid of it all!  Guess what, even if you do lose the weight, why would you want to wear the same clothes you wore in college or on your first job?  Those shoes are still going to hurt, and here's a tip: if he notices your shoes, you might want to reconsider...  Perhaps the reason why your dear departed relative gave you that old coat in the first place is that she did not like it herself.  And no, no and NO!

See the BBW just wants you to look the part, and in the process you might learn a few other things that could improve your life.  I might not be a fashionista, but even I know that you cannot be fabulous in 90s club clothes.  Purging your closet might be emotional, but once you do, you will find that you have actually made space for better things to come. 

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