Friday, March 11, 2011

Eat More Salad

(Here is an example of something that should have taken me an hour...but took two days instead).

So the other day was Ash Wednesday, and the BBW has decided to compile a list of new habits to develop over the next 40 days (give or take two).  Now, a few months ago I pooh-poohed the whole idea of adopting new and/or better habits based on the switch to a new calendar, and well, I am not exactly rethinking my position...I am just evolving.  Quite frankly, my life feels a little messy and perhaps it just seems as if Lent arrived right on time to save me before things got too chaotic.  So I am going to make use of these next 6 weeks to figure how I can become a better, more improved BBW:

1. Just say No - This one requires a little practice so here goes: No I cannot come to that meeting.  No I cannot join this committee.  No I cannot afford another ticket to another activity.  No I do not agree with you.  No I have not had enough to drink yet.

2. Do better on time - This one is going to be hard, because lately, every BBW activity has been starting at 8am.  So instead of hitting the snooze button and lying to myself about how long it will take me to get ready, perhaps I need to admit the truth...I am always going to be at least 15 minutes late.

3. Adopt the "more or less" rule - I got this one from a wise man named Uncle B, so I am not going to drink/spend/sleep/promise/yell any more or less than I did last year. 

4. Enjoy the moment - I am always thinking about my next move, but instead of spending so much time planning ahead, I need to stop to occasionally smell the roses.  Well, it is almost allergy season, so maybe I need to stop to get better drugs first.

5. Eat more salad - I also need to drink more water, walk more miles and get more sleep because I need to look good at all of my upcoming Spring engagements.

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