Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Fever

It is just about that time and I have mixed feelings about the approach of Spring.  In addition to my allergies...I am not looking forward to this crazy BBW schedule I have lined up for the next few weeks.  Can I get a vacation already?

Has anyone else noticed how we are already at the tail end of March?  Why didn't February feel this short?

It does not help that I am suffering through an extended version of the Winter blahs.  Like everyone else, I was over the cold weather weeks ago, but I need an adjustment period.  It is 60 degrees outside but I still like wearing my comfy flannel pajamas and sweats.  And another thing...just as I was trying to develop some better habits, like getting up a little earlier, the clocks sprung forward and now my body is refusing to cooperate.

The one silver lining is that my winter accessories clearly need the break: I lost a glove while in NYC a couple of weeks ago; the zipper on my jacket got off track and I refuse to pay $55 to get it replaced when I could just buy another coat; the heel is about to give up the ghost on my favorite pair of boots; I am so over wearing tights; and my pashmina is starting to smell stale.  And it would be nice to drive around without the heat on (of course I dare not open the windows if I intend to keep breathing).

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