Friday, March 25, 2011

On to the Next Thing

So I am very excited about some new ideas and plans on the horizon for what I am now calling the BBW Movement! And it all starts this Spring with the official launch party to celebrate the blog.

Normally, I would have pooh-poohed something like this, but a very good friend and loyal supporter who knows about these things suggested that I should have a shindig to introduce the world to the madness that is my life.  Well, most of you already know how insane my life is at times, so instead of having a party to tell folks that I am writing about all the stuff I do, I am having a party to put into practice one of the suggestions I made at the outset of this endeavor.

Hence, there is a method to my madness...

I have friends that I want to see.  Our schedules have been crazy hectic these past few months.  And since I am still nowhere near having the house presentable for guests, then the next best thing is to host a gathering somewhere else.  So it can be a blog launching party-slash-get together among my friends and readers.

There are several other things I want to highlight as we move into a new BBW phase.  The first is that I have been tweaking the blog layout and have added a few new features, such as my Contact and Upcoming Events pages (so that this will actually start to look like a real website).  I still need to get into adding pictures and video, but one baby step at a time!  I have added to my blog roll, and would love to add a few more so please send me recommendations.  I will be working to connect with other women bloggers so one day I might even feature a guest blogger.  And I have several other ideas that I will reveal in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

Alright, now that it is already tomorrow, and I have another BBW weekend for which to prepare, I 'm going to get some sleep.

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