Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Happiness

I have not done a list like this in a while, so here are a few things that are making me very happy right now (in addition to my freshly painted emerald green toes :)

  1. A decent bottle of wine all to myself
  2. The husband
  3. Michelle Obama as the commencement speaker at my beloved Spelman College this May
  4. My precious Baby Niece, 7 other nieces, and 3 nephews
  5. Items that get crossed off my to do list
  6. The Seal CD that I am glad I kept
  7. A reasonable portion of health and strength
  8. A plan for the future
  9. My sister-friends (from all the various places I've been so far)
  10. My family and in-laws
  11. Modern technology
  12. The ability to be content with myself
  13. Allergy medication that does not make me drowsy
  14. Clean water and air
  15. "Half and Half" reruns on TVOne
  16. Fish-only meals on Fridays during Lent
  17. My yoga toe separators
  18. The books that threaten to overrun my house
  19. Other people's children
  20. This pink grapefruit and tarragon candle currently burning in my space
  21. Target, Marshall's and Costco
  22. Facebook for wasting time and connecting with friends
  23. Kindness and generosity
  24. True musical talent
  25. Homeownership and entrepreneurism
  26. Good government jobs that make #25 possible
  27. The pursuit of the impossible dream
  28. New Orleans, Atlanta, New York, DC and Detroit (cities where I have lived or been connected to in past lives)
  29. Height
  30. A mother who insisted that I know how to use the dictionary
  31. Grandparents (mine are all gone, but I am happy that I knew them and that my next generation still has them)
  32. The interstate highway system
  33. Ballet class
  34. Sheroes like Johnnetta B. Cole, Gwendoln E. Boyd. Marian Wright Edelman, Elaine Jones and the late Dr. Dorothy Irene Height
  35. A father who loves and understands me
  36. Did I mention the grapes that were sacrificed to make this lovely wine I have been enjoying?
  37. Being the eldest child because I am the boss!
  38. Fried foods like calamari and chicken
  39. Balsamic vinaigrette and honey mustard salad dressing
  40. Reusable shopping bags
  41. My favorite pomegranate lip balm
  42. Best friends that laugh with me and not at me
  43. iTunes, YouTube and Pandora
  44. The day the husband and I spent creating our Peeps dioramas
  45. The ability to check email, tweet and update my FB status from my phone
  46. Imagination and creativity
  47. Michael Jackson
  48. This expensive advanced degree that I am still paying for
  49. Lessons learned
  50. The people who follow this blog


  1. 51. The hour between "teacher" and "mother/ wife/ chauffeur/maid/cook/doctor/ and ghostbuster".

  2. Yes Lawd! Get thee to a Happy Hour one day this week :)